Shortman sets a New Standard for men just under average height by creating a custom feel to everything we make via our painstaking approach to each step of the design and manufacturing process.  This enables our customers to enjoy a custom fit and feel that cannot be found in large department stores. Shortman is a Specialty Clothier Company that conducts 100% of their manufacturing in the U.S.A.

Why Shortman ?

We’re a world of various body types and Shortman is a cut, style and fit that is made for you

If you’re tired of brands and stores that refuse to make or carry correct sizes, you’ve come to the right place.

Shortman designs clothes just for you, any man up to 5’8″, to give you that custom feel and to keep you looking great.


10 Reasons To Wear Shortman

  1. The 8” inseam. The proper length of men’s shorts is critical to a custom look for a shorter man.
  2. The superiority. Aside from their length, Shortman’s comfort and breathability exceeds all comparable brands.
  3. The versatility. Shortman shorts work just about anywhere. They’re great for casual wear, golf, boating, dining out, warm evenings in the town – you name it.
  4. The details. Steel zippers, fashion marble buttons and double stitching throughout the manufacturing process,  represent our focus on you, the customer.
  5. The quality. These US-made shorts are manufactured just outside of Boston, Massachusetts (U.S) and built with a clean stitching and durable weave that lasts for years.
  6. The Variety. With eight signature colors, you’ll find the right choice to pair with virtually any shirt or footwear.
  7. The specificity. You’ll notice our waist sizes include the odd numbers – a rarity among brands of shorts and pants. Everything should fit right without compromise.
  8. The flattery. When you enter any room wearing Shortman, you will be noticed; not as being short, but as a man who focuses on looking good and exhuming confidence.
  9. The customization. We all love a tailored look and feel. Our bodies aren’t interchangeable or identically proportioned. Why attempt to dress them that way?
  10. The social confidence. That put-together feeling makes anyone more prepared to engage. We just feel more like ourselves when we look good.



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