• Shortman Clothier ( Shorts for Men USA ) – A Company born for the shorter man up to 5’8”

    Did you ever wonder why as a shorter man, you can’t find shorts that fit in department stores? The answer is that Department stores maximize profits by catering to the 80 percent of men who are taller than 5’8”. There is no money to be made in closeouts and markdowns so to minimize those losses, department stores quietly ignore those that are shorter than 5’8”. They don’t do it to be mean or to intentionally frustrate you in any way. They only do it because manufacturing decisions revolve around the almighty buck and therefore, if you are a man 5’8” or less, department stores are clearly, not your friend. Custom fit shorts for men usa under 5.8".

     The secret in a proper fit of Men’s Shorts all over USA , UK for example, lie in the inseam (the length of the short on the leg) and the diameter of the leg opening. These two measurements collectively, can leave a shorter man looking ridiculous and dateless for months on end. No sense stepping out on the town on a warm summer night with the hopes of a mingling with a potential suitor if you are sporting a pair of shorts that that make you look like a past, two-time champion, of your high school Chess club. You might as well finish it off with some knee-high brown socks and call it a day.

     Shortman Clothiers ( Shorts for men USA )on the hand, lives to serve the remaining twenty percent that the Department Stores could care less about by designing men’s shorts that properly fit the shorter man up to 5’8” with and 8 inch inseam and a reasonable leg opening so the shorter man can look great in a pair of shorts and have the confidence and self esteem to step out and enjoy whatever his day or evening has to offer.

    Gone are the days of settling for the 9, 10 and 11” inseams that Department Stores thought that they could force you to buy. Gone are the days of a shorter man’s unhappiness and gone are the days of large corporations and conglomerates dictating what you wear for clothes. Shortman Clothier was born to make sure those days don’t ever come back.

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