• Shortman Clothier Manufacturing To Remain in U.S.



    Shortman Clothier enters into agreement with U.S. Clothing  Manufacturer to ensure that all future production remains in the United States.

    Shortman's focus is the shorter slimmer man up to 5'8" who wants to look good by wearing clothes that fit with a custom feel and the Highest Quality Standards in the Industry.

    Sensible fabric, double stitching, steal zippers and Ivory Stone Buttons are the cornerstone of everything we do says, Shortman Clothier President, Matthew J. Silva. "It's really pretty simple, build it right, build it strong and make sure it fits to a Standard of Custom Feel". We will have it no other way says Silva and we will not compromise our great quality by taking our manufacturing overseas. The Shorter slimmer man up to 5'8" has found  a home at Shortman Clothier and nothing is going to change that". "We are learning quickly that our last customer is becoming our next customer and that is a tribute to the great thought, hard work and meticulous care that takes place every day in our factory".


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