• The Coming of Narrow Base Clothing Markets


    Shortman Clothier President, Matthew J. Silva sits down with "Fashion East" Editor, Michelle Smith to discuss the shift towards a narrow customer base that targets the shorter man.

    Smith - " Welcome Mr. Silva, I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about the risk that comes with focusing on a narrow customer base and why you believe the Shorter man market was a good bet for your company".

    Silva " First of all, thank you Michell and it's great to be here. Look it really is pretty simple, we have about 150 million men in the United States and up to 20 million of them, can't find clothes that fit them because they are either too long, too wide or both. It's been going on for years and the large clothing manufactures have  made a boat load of revenue catering to the 80 percent and so they just walked away from the market that Shortman represents and those of course are shorter and slimmer men up to 5'8" .

    "Shortman Clothier designs clothes for the shorter man and that takes specificity clear across the design phase and straight through to final production. Hence, we are in essence, a Specialty Clothier that caters to the shorter man".

    "We don't just throw fabric on the table and cut it, we design with purpose. I predict that you will see in the coming months and years, a greater shift towards even narrower markets that include both men and woman of all shapes and sizes because everyone deserves to wear clothes that fit and the customer is starting to demand it. I will add a caveat to that by saying that if you are going target a narrow market, it will be difficult to manufacture overseas because you are going to need an extra finger on quality and that finger will need to come from your own hand".

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